About Motone USA

MOTONE USA offers more than 200 high-quality, uniquely designed aftermarket motorcycle parts that allow motorcycle enthusiasts to create a personalized, high-performance motorcycle suited to their style and ride.

If you want your bike to look and perform better, go faster, be lighter and more aerodynamic, Motone USA has what you are looking for. Three of our custom builds have won awards at major motorcycle shows across the country and we continue to put our creative efforts into designing, manufacturing and selecting the perfect parts for our customers.

Motone USA owner, Dale Crawford, has been riding motorcycles (legally and illegally) since he was 15 years old — living in Southern California and throttling thru the canyons from Topanga to Malibu. He enjoys talking with customers and fellow enthusiasts and is available to answer questions about product selection and installation.

Purchasers of Motone USA parts know they will receive high-quality, well designed, durable parts. We stand behind our parts 100% and pride ourselves on customer service. When you purchase parts offered by Motone USA, you know you are receiving products that are:

  • High Quality - best materials, best finish, durable
  • Uniquely Designed - many parts are designed by builders with motorcycles in world renowned collections and motorcycle museums
  • Safe -all parts are manufactured with safety and durability in mind
  • Confidence Inspiring -customers receive the products and service they expect (or better)
  • Backed By Customer Support -questions about what parts are best for what bikes and how to remove and install parts are answered, returns are free, we call back the same business day or within 24 hours, replacement parts are available
  • High-Performance- Motone USA parts improve upon performance of the original bike – usually making it lighter, faster, more aerodynamic
  • Full of Personality - adventurous, creative, powerful, smart, fun

We are constantly in the process of developing and offering new products. Check out and follow our Facebook page and Instagram for news on our latest custom motorcycle products and builds. 

Currently in production is a cafe-racer that features an aluminum gas tank and seat with custom upholstery. Check out the custom exhaust and fenders! We look forward to sharing this bike (see below) with fellow builders and riders at upcoming motorcycle shows across the country in 2022 and 2023.

In the meantime, we look forward to helping you with your special project.

If you have an inquiry related to aproduct, feel free to contact us! There is a form on the Contact Us page that will forward us your message, or call Motone USA owner Dale Crawford directly at (817) 312-0243.


Besides looking great, this cafe-racer is a blast to ride!
The tank and seat were built by master craftsman, Christian Sosa
with design direction by Motone USA owner Dale Crawford


Motone USA is based in Roanoke, Texas. Once part of Motone Customs of the UK,
Motone USA has been a separate entity operating and shipping in the USA since 2015.